Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Twisted Links

Ha! I must be crazy. But here goes.

Stretchy pants.    Edits.    Chicken and noodles.

God I love stretchy pants. Don't you? When I think of all the years, when I was young and stupid, that I wore tight clothes that threatened to dissect me in several places, I wonder I even survived it. But those days are over. As I get older I've learned to appreciate the wonder of soft, comfortable clothes that don't make me want to put my jammies back on by two in the afternoon.

Stretchy clothes are one of mankind's best inventions. Forget light bulbs and smart phones. It's stretchy pants all the way.

Which brings me to chicken and noodles. God's food. Okay, the connection here is easy. If you eat too many bowls of chicken and noodles you're definitely gonna need those stretchy pants. And since you now have all that extra room in your clothes, you should definitely add some mashed potatoes to your chicken and noodles, and top it all off with a slice of sugar cream pie. Yum!

What's that? You're shocked at the idea of topping a starch with a starch? You didn't grow up in Indiana did you? Really, it's the only way to go. God handed the residents of Indiana the recipe himself. Or maybe he carved it onto some rocks or something...but I assure you it came right from heaven.

So here's the hard part. How do you link something as god-awful as edits to something as wonderful as  stretchy pants or chicken and noodles. It ain't easy, let me tell you. But I'm gonna give it a go.

Think of edits as the tight waistband on your smallest jeans. Yeah, that sux. Now think of them as the salad without dressing you should eat instead of those noodles and 'tators. At first glance edits would seem to be the thing that doesn't go with the others they always talked about on Sesame Street. But that's lazy thinking. Actually edits are so much more. They're the glaze on your writing that makes it taste better. They're the plump where your writing is flat, the zing where your story yawns. They're painful, it's true, but they give you comfort in the end. Because, when you finally let that little birdie leap from its nest, you'll know it will soar through the sky rather than plunge toward the ground like a rock. Then, once your little birdie finds its wings, you can pull on your stretchy pants and fix yourself a big bowl of chicken and noodles to eat while you read the rave reviews that result. 5 Stars - with wings!

Snap! Link closed. #:0)

Happy reading everybody!

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