Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sam's Sunday Snippets

This week's snippet is from my newest Halloween Love Series book. Deep, Dark, Desire will be available on cyber shelves tomorrow! I hope you enjoy it!


Ashton Casey is Lupire. But he doesn’t know it. He thinks he’s a vampire. In a sinister attempt to create his own deadly army, a sorcerer entrapped him and subjected him to decades of torture and re-engineering, twisting his mind and slowly turning him into a monster.

But the Lupire Council has been searching for him and others like him. They’ve sent a Lupa Guardian warrior, Faye Nicci, to find him. When their minds find each other during the search, Faye must quickly become accustomed to the idea that Ash might be her mate.

She doesn’t have much time to get used to the idea. Though he’s fought it as long as he can, Ash is mere hours away from succumbing to the sorcerer’s poison. With the mating heat riding them hard, and the sorcerer doing all he can to keep them apart, it will take a miracle for these ill-fated lovers to find each other. 


Ashton flung himself at the door to his prison, his powerful voice throbbing against the rough rock walls with a power that shook those very walls. In the distance, the haunting song of his fellow prisoners rose to join with his, their combined music filled with the pain of loss he’d only just started to embrace.

Inside his mind, all was silence. And darkness. His mate was gone.

Ashton screamed her name into the deep darkness she’d left behind and raked razor sharp claws down his own chest, spilling the thick, rich blood that was all that was left of his humanity.

His lips opened and he growled out her name, dropping to his knees before the heavy grate which separated him from her. Ashton clawed at the rock beneath the gate, his mind twisting into a madness so deep and dark he feared nothing would ever draw him back to sanity.

His hands raw from his mindless clawing, his bloodied chest heaving with pain, Ashton willed himself to die rather than succumb to the sorcerer’s plan.

But it was too late, he felt the final phase of his change to a death wolf beginning.

No longer caring, Ashton threw back his head and howled. His final farewell to the female he might have loved.

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