Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sam's Sunday Snippet

It's that time of year again! I'm putting the finishing touches on this year's Halloween Love Series novella, entitled Deep, Dark, Desire, which will be available in a couple of weeks. So I'm highlighting another book in the series this week. But first, to set the stage, here's the series blurb:


My Halloween Love series follows the Lupire, a race of elite protectors with both werewolf and vampire in their bloodlines, and the beautiful black females of the Lupa Guardian pack. These two elite groups share a common protect the magical and human worlds from evil. What they don't that their destinies are also intertwined under mating magic...the most powerful force any of them will ever encounter.


Fight the blackness, Phelan. Come back to me.

Cassidy’s words slid through his soul as her sweet blood worked its magic on his body. Phelan’s mind fractured, torn by pain and lust. He broke into spasms of shaking, the shriveled thing in his hand dripping blood that sizzled in the dirt below.

Phelan focused hard on the sound of her words in his mind, pulling at their meaning with his broken mind, losing it, and then grabbing hold again, until, suddenly, he knew what he must do. He reached down and touched her chest, above her barely beating heart, and sent the magic into her. She jerked and her body came up off the ground under the effects of the massive power.

Phelan was dimly aware of the alpha hitting his back again, and the bright pain of teeth against his neck. But he didn’t care. He felt Cassidy’s heart begin to beat harder, and color flooded her pale cheeks.

When Cassidy gasped a breath and her eyes opened, Phelan threw back his head and laughed, the sound deep and booming, as it reverberated through the dense tree growth of the wood.

Her body settled gently back to Earth and Phelan stood, dropping Darius in the dirt behind him unnoticed. With a roar, Phelan flung the black heart into the sky.

It flew impossibly high, toward the bright moon above, and then erupted into flame, sparking like a tiny star, and disappeared. Phelan sagged to his knees in the dirt, his head drooping against his chest.

Silence throbbed around them for a long moment, broken only by the soft panting of the alpha behind him.
Phelan felt as if every cell in his body had been beaten and sucked dry of energy. He could barely keep his head above the ground. A soft hand touched the back of his neck and slid like silk down his back. “Are you all right?”

He pulled her scent into his lungs and felt his body begin to heal. After a moment he nodded. She started to rise but he grabbed her wrist, pulling her down to her knees in front of him. “Don’t go. I need you.”

Their gazes met and held. Her lips quivered with some emotion he couldn’t identify. He ached to taste them, to pull the essence of her life into his cold exhausted body. Phelan leaned forward slightly. She swayed toward him. Their lips met and Phelan’s heart surged at the sweet contact. Strength returned to his body in a rush.

His arms slid around her waist and he pulled her up tightly against him. Her soft breasts crushed warmly against his ribs and his aching hardness pressed her soft belly. Cassidy whimpered and opened her lips, drawing his tongue to hers with instinctual skill. Phelan groaned as he tasted her sweetness, and pulled her so tight against his body that she cried out.

He forced himself to loosen his grip and pulled away. Standing up, he reached down for her, drawing her to her feet. “Come.”

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