Monday, June 25, 2012

Sam's Sunday Snippet

What do you get when you Match a Strong Honeybun Female with a Dark, Incredibly Sexy Middle Eastern Hero?  Honeybun Sheik!

Night Owl Reviews Top Pick! "I love this book from the role reversal of Calia taking on the active role of bodyguard and protecting Abdel and that Abdel did not fit the stereotype of a narrow minded Arab. He's gorgeous, funny and appreciates both a joke and a woman who knows her own mind. I shall be checking out other books by this author. This one is an adventurous romp and a charmingly sexy romance." 

Abdel Ezzat brushed a hand over his visor to clear it of snow. He could have sworn he saw a woman fly by between the evergreens. He stopped his snowmobile and turned it off. The high pitched whine of another engine filled the silence he’d expected. 

He climbed off his sled and removed his helmet, settling it on the seat. As he made his way toward the sound of the idling sled, he noticed that the light snow he’d started his ride in had turned to near blizzard conditions.
If he didn’t get back to his chalet soon, there was a good chance he’d be stuck out there. He’d probably freeze to death. 

He briefly considered turning back, taking his sled home. It was probably just some fool, like him, who’d thought that a ride in the snow would allow him to hide from the reality of his life for a while. But something about the sound of that engine bothered him. So, against his better judgment, he stepped through the thick copse of evergreen trees.

She was lying face down in the snow. Not moving. Her head and face were covered by a fur trimmed hood, but it was easy to see that it was a woman. The soft curves were evident in a slim fitting white snow suit and her feet were warmly encased in fur boots. 

Pulling off one of his gloves, Abdel reached down and found the side of her neck beneath the ski jacket. Despite the bitter temperatures, her skin was warm and oh so soft under his fingertips. 

Her pulse was strong. He reached down and pulled off a soft boot and scratched the bottom of her foot. The leg twitched. 

No apparent paralysis. He thought it was safe to move her. Looking toward the sky, he realized she would die if he didn’t. So he decided to take the chance. 

He stood up and walked over to her sled, shutting it off. Silence settled over the night like a chilly blanket. The thick, heavy snowflakes drifted silently around them, nearly obscuring the woman within only moments of her accident. 

Abdel walked back and turned her over . Short, curly, reddish-black hair framed a creamy, brown face with high cheekbones and a thick fringe of lashes that formed feathery arcs against her skin. A jolt of sensual awareness hit him as her lush, red lips and flawless skin were illuminated in the dappled light from his sled on the other side of the tree line. 

His damsel in distress was delicious. 

Abdel swore. Just what he needed.

He scooped her up and stood. His chalet wasn’t far. And he had people there who could help her. 

Abdel figured she’d be fine. 

The question was, with a beautiful woman in the house, would he?


Savannah Chase said...

You get one sexy book to read. You know you rock with this hotness.

Sam Cheever said...

Thanks Savannah!