Monday, July 2, 2012

Sam's Sunday Snippet

Book 2 in Declan's Hoale Construction Mystery Series Releases Soon!

And here's a little taste...

A 200 year old manor house, a disputed suicide, and a cache of stolen jewelry. Somebody’s willing to kill to keep Adam from figuring it all out!

Mink climbed out of the little car and stood, his handsome face alight with delighted disgust as it turned to take in his surroundings. “Good god, I’ve been picked up and plopped down right smack in the middle of Deliverance. I’ll bet the bugs are big enough to carry you away out here. Did you see those attack birds? They look prehistoric. What are those things called…pterodactyls? They’re huge! Doesn’t anybody have a rifle? You should kill those mothers before they hurt somebody. I’ll do it if you don’t have the stomach.” He turned a look back toward the pond, where said prehistoric monsters appeared to be tending to their extremely ruffled feathers and enjoying a ray of sun at the edge of the water. “It would be my pleasure.”

“You’re not killing Mike and Sue.” Adam told him in a bemused voice. 

Beside Adam, Maddy appeared to be choking. 

Adam leaned against his truck and covered his mouth with one hand. 

Walter sauntered up from a visit to the side yard and screeched to a stop beside Adam, his nails scratching ruts in the sun-softened asphalt. The big dog whined. Cocked his head. And then started barking, his thick fringe of a tail drooping between his back legs. 

Mink frowned. “What’s wrong with Walter?”

Maddy’s choking worsened, to the point where Adam thought he might have to smack her on the back, if he didn’t choke to death himself first. “What exactly are you wearing Mink?”

Mink’s eyes widened and he looked down, as if surprised he was wearing anything at all. “Oh, these, yeah, I figured it would be pretty wild out here so I dressed for it.”

Maddy’s choking finally emerged in a laugh. “This isn’t a flood zone.”

Mink frowned, obviously not catching her meaning.

Adam jabbed his partner with an elbow. “What she means, Mink, old buddy, is that you’re wearing fishing waders. They’re meant for wading into creeks, not walking around country manors.”

Mink glared at them. “I’m not stupid…”

Maddy doubled over in an apparent fit of coughing. 

Walter inched closer, a low growl throbbing in his throat.

“I know they’re fishing waders. But they’re also impervious to bugs, snakes, and raccoon teeth. Ted’s Sports was selling them at fifty percent off. I couldn’t resist.”

“Next time resist!” Maddy managed in a strangled voice before snorting in a less than ladylike way. 

Standing just about as far away as he could and still reach Mink, Walter poked his nose way out and sniffed the thick green rubber of the realtor’s footwear. 

“You think you’re gonna be attacked by a raccoon? In broad daylight?” Adam gave in and laughed with Maddy. “You’re a kook.”

Mink rolled his eyes. “Only the rabid ones. They wander around during the day until some kind soul puts them out of their misery. So…we’re back to that gun.”

Walter’s tail finally started wagging and he stepped closer, sniffing all up and down Mink’s legs.

“You’re very bloodthirsty today, Mink.” Maddy said, drying her eyes. 

Mink shrugged. “I’m a little out of my comfort zone in the country. You might have noticed.” Mink’s natural good humor asserted itself and He grinned.

Walter lifted his leg on one of the tall, rubber trees and peed. 

Mink was oblivious. 

“I suppose the dumb-fuck hat is part of your anti-rodent, anti-reptile protection too?” Adam threw Maddy a grin as she snorted out another laugh.

Mink wore a dark blue, large billed hat that tied beneath his chin. It looked like something a woman might wear on a boat at sea…if she didn’t care that she looked like an idiot. 

“Blood sucking ticks,” Mink clarified with a nod.

Adam knew he shouldn’t do it but he couldn’t resist. “There’s nothing there to protect you from coyotes.”
Mink’s gray-blue eyes widened and he grew pale under the dumb-fuck hat. “Coyotes?”

“Stop it, Adam.” Maddy strode forward and took Mink’s arm. “He’s just teasing you. There aren’t any coyotes around here.” She threw Adam a warning look. “I’m really glad you’re here, though. We just found out there’s an old slave cabin somewhere on the property. Adam and I are going to go try and find it.”

Mink’s face flared into horror. “Out there!” He threw an arm covered in long denim sleeves vaguely in the direction of the woods. “You want me to go into the wild and wooly wilderness to look for the rotted remains of a cabin?”

Adam wrapped an arm around his friend’s shoulders. “That’s exactly what we want you to do. Besides, look at you. Nothing could possibly get to you through all those clothes and…things.”

“But aren’t you going to show me the house first?” Mink asked in a slightly hysterical tone. 

Maddy shook her head. “You can’t go into the house just yet. Not until your rubber dries.”

“My rubber…what the hell are you talking about, Mads?”

Adam and Maddy just laughed.

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