Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sam's Snippet Sunday

SPLINTERED - This fun shifter romance is a follow up story to FOXED. It will release on May 17th!

Current climate in Last Chance, Alaska: Mostly sunny, with a chance of partly furry.

Something low in her belly tightened in violent response.
Time stopped. The soft scent of melted wax teased her senses, heat pulsed between them, and Viv waited, resisting the urge to just give in wholly to the net he was weaving to encompass them. She wanted to look into his eyes as long as possible. There was magic in that gaze, promise, and Viv suddenly wanted it all.

He moved ever so slightly and his lips touched hers, barely. The impact of that touch slammed through her, rocking her world. Viv whimpered, her body straining toward his, and then moaned as he wrapped his arms around her waist, dragging her in.

She strained to get closer. Her arms wrapped tightly around his waist, her breasts pressed against the firm plane of his chest, and one leg wrapped around his calves as she pressed her mons against his straining erection.

With a groan, Cary lifted her off the floor and Viv wrapped her legs around his hips, pressing her moist heat against his rigid shaft. “Oh, God, Vivica, I think I’m dying.”

She covered his lips, his chin, his jaw with hungry little nips and kisses, tasting his salty skin and inhaling the sweet musk of his breath. “You know how to save yourself, Bou.”

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