Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sam's Snippet Sunday

How can I resist giving you another snippet of my favorite brothers? This week's snippet is from Fast Track to a Honeybun, a really exciting and fun romantic suspense. Enjoy!

5 star review from Got Romance Reviews! "I cannot say how much I loved this book! The Honeybun men have a reserved spot in my heart. After reading the last adventure I never thought Sam Cheever could outdo it but she definitely has. This was a fast and fun, thrilling, adventurous read. The story has everything you could want all in one place , adventure and romance, comedy and seriousness, thugs and gentlemen, fast cars and sexy racers."


Warwicke turned to the woman and found her pushing to her feet. He put a helping hand under one slender arm and she jerked it away, turning to him with fire in her dark eyes.
Warwicke lifted both hands and stepped back. “Only trying to help, Fabiana.”
She pushed mahogany brown hair, like the finest silk, away from a creamy caramel cheek that had a suspicious shadow on it. Warwicke’s fists clenched in anger. She’d be sporting an ugly bruise by morning.  She straightened and glared at him. “I don’t want you to tell anyone about this.”
Warwicke studied her for a long moment. The light from a distant parking lot lamp touched her lithe form and highlighted her angular features softly. She was a beautiful woman, known by all the men around the track as Fabiana the frosty. Finally he said, “You should tell security so they can walk you to your car at night.”
She was shaking her head in the negative before he finished the sentence. “I can handle this. I don’t want anyone else to know. Promise me!”
Warwicke was reluctant to make her that promise, but something in the way she held herself so stiff and straight…something in the defiant tilt of her head…warned him that she would engage her legendary determination in his direction if he didn’t agree, so he nodded.
Deflating like a helium balloon at the North Pole, she jammed her hands into the pockets of her jeans.
“Would you like me to walk you to your car?’
Fabiana shook her head and turned away. She walked a few steps away from him and then stopped but didn’t turn back. Staring off into the dimly lit parking lot she said, “Thanks.”
“Don’t mention it. I won’t either.”
She bobbed her head once and started off. 

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