Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Release!!! A Honeybun in Hell

Book 4 in my Honeybun Hunks series is Here!

If you love Halloween as much as I do, you’ll LOVE this book! A Honeybun in Hell is Book 4 in my Honeybun Hunks series. It’s available today!

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural, Suspense/Mystery, Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60435-780-6
Word Count: 64,272
Release Date: September 16, 2010
Excerpt Rating: PG

Edric Honeybun is in Hell, Indiana on Halloween, doing research for his latest book in a haunted hotel. His brothers and their honeys decide to join him and make an adventure out of it. During this holiday in Hell, Edric fully expects to do some research, enjoy a few laughs over non-existent "ghosts", and debunk local superstitions about the Le Diablo hotel. What he doesn't expect is to bump up against a flesh and blood killer, fall in love with a beautiful witch, and come face to plasma with a surprise in the local cemetery.

Bella Rawnie is a gypsy whose family has nurtured a special "gift" for centuries. Her ability to speak to spirits makes her a laughing stock in the cozy town of Hell. Bella protects her family's legacy, despite the fact that tragedy has been a constant companion for the Rawnies as long as Bella can remember. But this Halloween, someone with a grudge is trying to kill Bella to end the Rawnie blood lines for good.

Maybe this time, the love of a good man...and his family...will be what the beautiful Wiccan needs to stay alive, ending the Rawnie curse once and for all.


Here’s what happens when the Honeybuns arrive at Le Diablo hotel in Hell, Indiana for Halloween. The place will never be the same again:

The girl behind the check-in desk stopped talking mid sentence and gulped, her heavily shadowed, brown eyes widening as her gaze locked on the group coming through the revolving door at the front of the lobby.

They were all tall, leanly muscular, and emitted testosterone into the room like a wave before them. Blonde to red hair tumbled softly around square chinned faces with sexy eyes and full, sensuous lips. Shoulders flared widely from narrow waists, pecs flexed beneath formfitting shirts, nipples rigid from the cool outside air, and jeans molded yummily over firm, round buttocks and long, well-shaped legs.

Never before had she seen so much muscular manliness clustered together into such a small space. The group of seven men prowled toward her, shoulders swinging and long limbs flexing and stretching like a pride of predatory cats. The men’s blue to gray gazes fixed on the check-in counter with the intensity of that same breed of predator.

All the air in the lobby condensed and sucked in their direction. Patrons stumbled to a halt. Women, old and young alike, gasped. And the three women behind the long check-in counter stood breathless, their heat infused cheeks sucked inward from lack of air and a sudden surge of pure, unadulterated lust.

As if drawn inexorably toward them, Wendy, the concierge, stood up and stumbled over her chair, barely stopping herself from slamming to the marble tile beneath her feet.

“Holy mother of god,” the youngest desk clerk mumbled.

“I love my job,” muttered the oldest. “Grrrrr.”

“Buck up ladies, they have kitties with them.”

Like marionettes joined together on a single pair of sticks, all three women turned their heads to peruse the three, beautiful women walking into the lobby behind the cluster of male yumminess. The young women stopped, their eyes widening in awe, and erupted into excited conversation.

“Bitches from hell,” the youngest clerk, who was dressed like Morticia from the Addams Family, uttered.

“Not so fast girls, do the math. Seven males, only three females, there are leftovers,” the witch in the center told them.

“Grrrr,” said Vampira.

“Amen, sistah.” Wanda the witch added with heartfelt sincerity.


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