Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fun Romantic Suspense

Romantic Mystery/Suspense is a wildly popular genre these days. With good reason. Not only do you get romance in a romantic suspense book, but you also get a great story filled with adventure, mystery, and…well…suspense!

Although I’ve always been an avid reader of both fantasy and romantic suspense, I kicked off my writing career writing fantasy, with a touch of romance. I’ve since grown up to write big girl fantasy…with lots of S-E-X in it. #:0) And when I decided that I needed to write romantic mystery/suspense, I wrote Dancing With Tad.

Dancing With Tad is special to me because I based a lot of the characters in the book, loosely, on members of my family and my critters. My oldest daughter became a twelve year old boy with ‘tude… she still whines about that (sux to be her!)…and my youngest absolutely embodies the elusive Princess, whose presence in the household is often only evidenced by a new addition to the pile of dirty clothes on her bedroom floor or the existence of moisture on the shower door. (To this day my own sweet Princess is big on the social life and small on communicating!) Clancy Rogers could be said to have elements of moi in her, and the family’s five dogs are fashioned after a few members of my own pack of canines.

My husband likes to say I killed him off in the book. But that’s not true. I simply wrote him out. (He was in an earlier version as Clancy’s husband…but I decided to make her a widow…he must have annoyed me that day!)

The book is a fun, irreverent romp through a few days in the life of Clancy Rogers, who wakes up one day to discover that her beloved small town of Grooster, Indiana has been infested with drug dealers, Satanists, and kidnappers. The people of Grooster are an entertaining lot, including a nature loving Fecal Dispersal Executive (park pooper scooper), a pithy reporterette who specializes in going undercover in designer camo-wear and spiked heels, an oddball veterinarian who speaks to his patients…and understands when they respond, and a pair of octogenarian spinster sisters who discover, quite by accident of course, that marijuana gives their mother’s spaghetti sauce recipe a little extra zing.

Clancy is determined to figure it all out, but first she has to deal with sexy federal DEA agent Thadeous Johannsen (a.k.a. Tad).

Agent Johannsen doesn’t like Clancy messing around in his case, but he doesn’t seem able to stop her. The woman just goes off half cocked and puts herself directly into the path of real danger. And her stubbornness would make a donkey look amenable. It’s too bad too. Because she’s one beautiful and sexy woman. Unfortunately, he’s always too mad at her to even notice how attracted he is. Well almost.

For her part, Clancy isn’t willing to just sit by like the “little woman” and let the big ol’ strong men take care of the town’s business. She knows the people of Grooster. Her kids and their friends are getting drawn into the mess. And she needs to figure out what’s going on to help them. So to hell with Thadeous Johannsen. Clancy’s determined to get to the bottom of it! It doesn’t matter that the sexy DEA agent makes her palms sweat and her pulse pound. He’s just another handsome face…and yummy backside. Clancy doesn’t need a man to do what needs doin’. Well…maybe she needs a man for some of it…

And so the dance begins.


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