Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Message to My Daughters on Mother's Day

On this Mother's Day eve, I'd like to celebrate the real reason we have Mother's Day...because we have children. The following is a letter I wrote a few years ago for my daughters. It says it all for me. No matter what I achieve in my life, there's nothing that compares to the magic that entered my life when my girls were born. Feel free to share it with your own daughters if you'd like.

Message to my daughters

If I could teach you one thing that would help you be happy throughout your life it would be this…Never stop looking for the magic.

There’s magic in a good friend’s smile, when you show her that you care.

There’s magic in a puppy’s squeaks, her pink tongue sliding kisses over your face.

There’s magic in that perfect phrase, that point well made, that problem solved.

Magic weaves through everything you touch, everything you do. It is only waiting for your recognition, your acceptance…to be yours.

If you give it a spot in your heart, magic stays with you through pain and sorrow. It touches you with tender fingers when you need reassurance, and flutters in your stomach when you’re too excited to breathe.

Magic comes to you in love, and supports you through the tough times. It gives you hope for good tomorrows, for strong memories, and a future filled with passion.

Magic walks with you as new life stirs within, and binds your heart when you look down into sweet, blue eyes, filled with surprise and wonder, and just a tiny bit of fear.

It caresses you as that fat, little fist curls around your finger, and tiny feet kick out briskly, raring to find a path to follow in the world, inexorably beginning that all too short journey…away from you.

Later, it folds itself around your heart when she grabs your hand or kisses you on the cheek because she has a spurt of love for you that comes out of nowhere.

It dances in your stomach as you help her move into the world so she can find her own magic…and leave yours behind.

But magic doesn’t die. It simply takes a different path, circles around, and comes back to you just as sweetly as before.

You were born my magic. You gave me millions of magic moments as you grew.

But you won’t take my magic with you when you leave. You’ll only build your own magic.

And I will happily share that magic with you. While cherishing the magic moments you’ve already given me.

Never settle for less than magic. Never sell yourself short.

I love you.


Martha Eskuchen said...

How beautiful and true, Sam! Children are magic and we increase the magic by sharing their joys!

Sam Cheever said...

Hey Martha!

I'm a firm believer in the concept that life is what you make of it. If you look for the magic you'll find it...and life will be a beautiful journey. But if you don't think magic exists your life will be flat and unsatisfying. I want my beautiful girls to have magic in their lives. And, when you come down to it, it's just not that hard to find!