Thursday, January 10, 2008

Freedom Brings Great Responsibility

While I know politics is one of those things one shouldn't speak about in polite company #:0) I feel the need to speak my piece on something that's been bothering me.

This country was founded on the principle of freedom. Freedom to pursue our own lives, loves, and careers. Freedom to speak out, freedom to buck the system, and freedom to fight back when events warrant it. I believe that it is these freedoms which make this country strong and allow us to achieve individual success. The only thing the founders asked in return is that we take our responsibility to protect these freedoms very seriously. This doesn't seem like a lot to ask. Vigilance and careful forethought are a small price for us to pay to keep our lives free and safe.

However, I see a trend over the last few years of people letting their emotions, rather than rational thought, guide them when making decisions that could cost us dearly as a nation and as individuals. This year's presidential election appears to be one of those occasions.

I've heard people talk about electing someone based on gender, color, or religion, with no real regard for whether that person is equipped mentally, emotionally, or professionally to guide this country in a complex and dangerous world. Gender doesn't automatically qualify someone to guide this country, color shouldn't persuade or dissuade for the job, and religion should certainly not either propel a candidate or hold him back. These are all things we recognize when we look at someone, they are part of the profile we assemble to represent the individual in our minds, but they are in no way job qualifications. Especially for what could arguably be the most difficult job in the world. If physical attributes declared a fit president we might just as well declare that someone who has red hair and freckles should hold the office.

All I would ask of you is what the founders of this great country asked of us. Use careful forethought when selecting a new leader for this country. Base your selection on true experience and capabilities that can be backed up by facts. The job of the President of the United States of America is far too important to be taken lightly. It could literally mean life or death for us all.

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