Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Twisted Links

This week's link has been literally wrenched from my poor brain, kicking and screaming. I think my ears are bleeding. But here goes.

Resolutions    Flowers    Work Ethic

Resolutions are hard. Every year, heady with the bright promise of the months ahead, we make  proclamations about what we're going to do to improve ourselves. Our intentions are good. Our hopes are high. But the results are usually less than satisfactory. So why, then, do we continue to do it? 

Flowers. Yes, that's right, I said flowers. The first sign of Spring is always what? Tulips. When you see the fat, bright heads of those delightful flowers waving in the breeze you know Spring is just around the corner. It lightens the heart after months of overcast, gloomy cold and gives you a feeling of rebirth...a sense of positive change in your life. That's the same thing resolutions do. They give us something positive to work towards. They inspire our inner entrepreneur. Human beings like positive change. We like knowing that good things are coming. 

Which brings us to work ethic. We all have one. For some of us, or at certain times in our lives, it's buried kind of deep. #:0) Some of us train and hone our work ethics...others just leave them to get fat and flabby. But the birth of a new year, or a new season, can inspire us to drag our work ethics out of storage and dust them off. It's the impetus behind spring planting, or spring cleaning, or spring flings....erm...and the reason behind New Year's resolutions. It's our inner laborer fighting to get out. Our impulse during times of positive change is to roll up our sleeves and work to bring it forward. We reach out and grab onto the change with both hands, gleefully yanking it forward. It's a uniquely human trait that should be celebrated. (which brings me back to Spring flings #:0)

Click. Link closed. 

Enjoy your resolutions, everybody! Spring isn't exactly around the corner...but it won't be too much longer now!

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