Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

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I’ll admit it, around this time of year I start feeling my imagination gearing up. There’s just something about cool weather, the smell of burning leaves, and the promise of the holiday season ahead that makes me want to delve into the realm of make-believe.

I think it’s magic.

I believe in magic, don’t you? That’s why I write paranormal/fantasy and why I love to immerse myself in fantastical stories and watch fantasy movies on the big screen. The magic in the real world may not include energy shooting from someone’s fingertips, or the cool scrape of vampire fangs along your throat, but it can be no less powerful.

Magic is potent because it isn’t mired in concrete ideas. It’s subjective and adaptable. You can find magic in the haunting call of an owl on a moonlit night, or feel it in your lover’s touch. It’s a hundred fireflies dancing on the air in your front yard, or a perfect note captured by a talented musician. Magic surrounds us. We can’t clasp it in our hands, but we can feel it, and there are certain times of year when it saturates the air around us. For me, the Holiday season is one of those times. So I tend to write more around this time of year, because I’m desperate to capture the magic in my heart, and share it with my friends.

It’s not an easy exercise. Magic can be an elusive creature. And I may not always succeed, but I always enjoy the effort.

Happy Holidays everybody! May your magic run deep this season. 

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