Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sam's Sunday Snippets

"This book was wonderful. Just enough spice with a LOT of fun mixed in. Maybe one day the heroine WILL learn what STAY means. You will have to read it to understand..." Reader Review


Blaise used the light of the fire to find a door and went outside. Emerging from the building into the same alley where the sexy private detective had jumped, she squinted into the darkness, listening for any sound that would give her a clue where he’d gone.

She started down the alley, her eyes shifting left and right on a constant, terrified rotation. She opened her mouth and tried calling him in a husky whisper. “Here cranky sexy man…here cranky, cranky.”


Blaise tried again, louder this time. “Yoo hoo, hunky man with a gun…come out, come out wherever you are.”

She didn’t hear him come up behind her. Didn’t know he was there until a strong arm snaked around her waist and pulled her backward. She squeaked in alarm as he snugged her up against a long, hard body that smelled of mint and clean male animal.

“You think I’m hunky?”

His voice rumbled against her back, sending ripples of need spiraling through her belly and lower, to the area between her thighs that throbbed for him.

She realized she should panic, he was holding her tight, showing no signs of letting her go, and she knew nothing about him. Nothing except the fact that he made her body go all melty with need when he touched her. Fear didn’t have a chance against all the other feelings. It was easily swamped by a tsunami of lust and, amazingly, an irresistible feeling of safety when he was near. 

The woman felt incredible in his arms. Her softly rounded butt curved against his hopeful shaft and made his mind cloud with lust. Her waist was tiny, her large breasts brushing the top of his arm where it encircled her. Against his better judgment, his lips found the warm skin of her neck and forged a soft trail downward, where the skimpy dress left much of her soft, ebony skin for him to explore.

She shivered as his tongue slid out to taste the spot where her pulse beat against his lips, sending her sweet, warm scent into the air to draw him in.

Her head dropped backward to lean against his chest, allowing him full access to her throat, and she made a little mewling sound as he spread one hand across her belly, rubbing it in gentle spirals.

The other hand lifted to cup an enormous breast, feeling the hard peak of a nipple under his palm.

She turned suddenly in his arms and captured his lips, pressing her delectable curves into his body as she wrapped her long arms around his neck. Her lips were so incredibly soft and her breath was sweet with the remnants of Champagne and the underlying taste of woman.

Her lips opened and her tongue slid out to tangle with his, making Dolfe groan with need and press his fingers into her sweetly rounded butt. He held her against his groin so he could grind his hard shaft against her belly.
He knew they were reacting from an overdose of adrenaline. Channeling fear into sexual heat was a common phenomenon, understandable under the circumstances, but that didn’t make the feelings any less real.

Something crashed down the alley and he jumped away from her, dragging her behind his body with one hand and lifting his Glock with the other. 

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