Monday, April 9, 2012

I've Been Tagged by Ashlyn Chase to play Lucky 7!

Since it releases in only 2 days...squeee...I took my Lucky 7 from The Devil You Want, sexy paranormal romance. Here's the blurb:

Astra Q Phelps gave her boyfriend a magic hickey. Usually not a world-changing issue. But in Astra’s case, her boyfriend is king of the Royal Devils. And Royals have always thought that only males could mark their mates. So how did she do it? Even Astra doesn’t know. That’s the first of her problems. 

Now somebody’s trying to kill the naturally curious Astra, which is always a problem.

Thirdly, there’s Slayer. He’s shown up on Astra’s turf and wants her to hire him. Given their undeniable sexual chemistry, that’s probably not going to go over well with her boyfriend. Not to mention that he’s got some baggage that’s gonna come back to bite Astra big time.

Add in the nearly constant sexual need caused by her Settling and you have a whole lot of stuff for Astra Q Phelps to handle. But, as you probably know by now, she’s definitely up to the challenge.

Now here's my Lucky 7:


It sparked again and I cried out, falling to my knees as a wave of pure lust swept me. A roaring sound filled my ears and, in the distance, I thought I heard Slayer’s voice calling my name. 

But the world had stopped turning and sound slipped away. 

I realized with a start that Dialle had managed to yank me out of my office, and was reeling me in. 


Yikes! What's happening to poor Astra? You can find out on April 11th, here!

Haven't seen Ash's 7 yet? Go here to check it out.  It's from her wonderful paranormal romance, Strange Neighbors!

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