Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sam's Sunday Snippet

"I absolutely LOVED Nocked Over! Ms. Cheever has a beautiful voice and a light touch with her characters. I simply cannot imagine a reader who would not love Nocked Over.... What are you waiting for? Go get a copy of Nocked Over! As for me, I'm chasing down another of Sam Cheever's books."
Marcy, JERR Reviews 
Bion walked in the front door of the firm. He was carrying a single lavender rose in one hand and wearing a smile. He walked toward me, past the receptionist and extended the rose. “Good morning.”
Without thinking I took it. And then looked down at it in shock. A lavender rose, representing love at first sight. Damn! I tried to hand it back to him.
He shook his head “Uh-uh. You accepted it.”
I frowned. “I can’t accept this, Mr. Chronos.”
He frowned back at me. “Bion.”
I turned away. “Mr. Chronos, can you join me in my office please?” I nodded to Becky, our receptionist, who shrugged at me as if to say, “Sorry, I couldn’t stop him.”
I didn’t turn to see if he was following me. I didn’t need to. I could feel every breath he took, every beat of his heart and every line of his hard body in my soul. I breathed deeply and his unique, knee-melting scent filled my head, making me dizzy with lust.
I really needed to get a grip.
I touched the door frame as I entered my office to steady myself and then started moving toward my desk. I heard the door close and turned in panic. It wasn’t safe for me to be closed into the office with him. I opened my mouth to tell him to open the door but I didn’t get the chance.
He was standing so close behind me my breasts rubbed across his chest as I turned. I gasped.
He smiled. His lips found mine.
My eyes popped wide and, to my extreme credit, I did try to push him away. For about three seconds. And then I succumbed to the drug that was Bion.
My knees buckled and his arms snugged around my waist, holding me upright and so tight against his body that I couldn’t move. Couldn’t form a straight thought.
I stopped breathing my own air and consumed his instead. It was a heady brew filled with sexual heat and untamed musk. I drank it down like fine wine. My head spinning with the kick from it.

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