Saturday, December 3, 2011

Riding the Pulse - Erotic Science Fiction, Super Hero Fiction

Marissa O'Neill and Jurden Bailey share a past they don't remember, though it's haunted their dreams for a decade. In their teens, they encountered something powerful in a cave in Mexico, and it changed them forever. But it isn't until they meet again, years later, that they realize just how much they've changed.

Suddenly they have powers -- super powers -- and they don't know how they're supposed to use them or why they have them. All they know is that sex seems to trigger the power and enhance it. And that's one trigger they're happy to explore.
But something alien and terrifying is trying to kill them, and it won't give up until it gets what they don't even know they have -- the single remaining object that can tie an advanced, alien race to much of Earth's history.

If only Rissa weren't so distracted by the things Jurden's vibrating finger can do!

Her gaze slid to his, and her breath stalled in her throat. Dark green eyes, fringed in a short, thick arc of light brown, almost blond, lashes, looked into hers and widened slightly in surprise. A wavy strand of sun-kissed brown hair had escaped the ponytail he’d pulled it into at the nape of his thick neck and had settled onto his wide forehead.
He was even taller than she remembered him being, and much broader in the shoulders. But his face was still chiseled perfection, with a wide brow, a square, clean-shaven jaw, and a long nose over a wide, well shaped mouth.
A memory of heated kisses, tasting of frozen lime and salt, assailed her and Rissa tightened her thighs as a wave of lust rolled over her. They’d spent hours lying in the hot, white sand, touching and kissing under the broiling Mexican sun. By the end of every day her skin had been burnt and sore. But she’d barely noticed because heat of another kind had filled her dreams, making her toss and turn on moist, tangled sheets.
Rissa shook her head, wondering where that flashback had come from. She hadn’t thought of Mexico in years.
The nicely formed lips bent upward in a slow smile. “Rissa O’Neill, I never thought I’d see you again.”
“Oh, my God!” She leaned forward and gave him an impulsive hug. “Do you work here?”
He shook his head, “Actually, I’m here to view the collection that was stolen. I’m an art historian.”
Nodding, she said, “That’s right, You were an art history major, as I recall.”
They shared a smile that made Rissa’s stomach jump with excitement.

It had been ten years. Jurden had figured he’d never see her again. Yet there she was. Just standing there looking at him with those incredible, golden-brown eyes. Her silky, black hair was a bit shorter than he remembered, but still sprang around her pretty face in lively curls that seemed too random. The style complimented her angular face very well.
She looked just the way he remembered her. Except maybe a bit curvier. Very nicely curved, in fact.
Over the years since they’d spent time together on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, he’d often wondered if his memories of her had changed with every passing year away from her. Maybe he’d imagined her incredible taste, or the flawless satin of her skin. He might have turned a simple crush into something much larger than it really was. But seeing her again at that moment, in such an unexpected place, all those feelings came crashing back on him. He remembered how her skin had felt beneath his fingers as they snuggled together under a climbing moon. He could almost taste her lips beneath his own.
His gaze slipped to her mouth and he fought the urge to slide his tongue over those incredible lips, just to see if they still tasted like sun ripened fruit, and felt like velvet under his.
He offered her his hand. “You’re all grown up.” He hoped his grin didn’t make him look like a predator. He was feeling just a little bit that way. She’d always had that affect on him.
She tossed her head and laughed. “Ten years will do that to you.” She cocked her head. “You look good.”
The big, black man standing next to her had been glaring at him since he’d first spoken. The man finally offered an enormous hand.
“Detective Malek Stevens. You can call me Sir.”
Jurden laughed but was disconcerted to see that Rissa’s partner didn’t.
Apparently he wasn’t kidding.

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