Thursday, May 5, 2011

Honeybun Sheik, Book 2 in my Honeybun Cousins Series, Release today!!!

Whoot!!!! Honeybun Sheik hits cyber shelves today! This fun story will fill your day with brown sugar sweetness and spice! (...oh...and really hot guys!)


Callia Honeybun wants nothing more than a chance to rest up and heal from a bad breakup. Trained in weaponry and the martial arts, Callia is nobody’s victim. However, when she crashes her snowmobile during a blizzard and wakes up in the chalet of a gorgeous man with a middle eastern accent, she has no idea how dangerous her day is about to become.

Abdel Ezzat is being hunted. In a well meaning effort to protect the innocent, he’s made it a practice to stay away from entanglements. But he can’t just ignore the beautiful black woman he finds lying unconscious in the snow. He quickly learns that he has his hands full with this particular “innocent”. And as much as he tries to ignore her skills and treat her like a lady, he soon realizes he just might need her to stay alive! 

Abdel took a step closer and found the long, silken column of her throat with his lips. Her scent folded over him, pulling him away from reality and into a warm bubble of lust and need that he knew he wasn’t man enough to extract himself from.
Not until he’d taken her in every way a man needed to take his woman.
She shivered again and he realized the room was cold. Still trying to fight off the overwhelming desire raging through him, he tugged on her hand. “Come. Let’s get you warm.”
He pulled her across the room and left her standing on a soft, fur style rug as he bent to build a fire. Within moments he had it built and stood, turning back to her.
His gasp made her smile.
She stood before him, tall, firmly rounded, and completely naked. Her clothes lay in a tumbled pile at the edge of the fireplace light. Her breasts were round and heavy, with large brown areolas and rigid nipples. Despite the cool room, her nipples were not pebbled. The rigidity was from sexual need.
Her waist was slim, her hips taut and round. Her legs were long and leanly muscled, with a dark vee of curly black hair shimmering at the juncture of her taut thighs.
Firelight kissed her high cheekbones and glistened in her eyes. She looked like an Amazon princess. A warrior whose sensuality was her deadliest weapon. When she spoke, her voice was deeper than normal, hoarse with need. “I was hot, so I took the liberty of removing some of my layers.”
His mouth dried up and the air clenched in his lungs. He found himself chuckling, even as the coil of need tightened to a painful state in his gut. “You do seem to have only the most basic layer left.”
She grinned. “Come over here and we’ll see if you’re hot too.”
Abdel’s jeans felt as if they would cut him in half. In that moment he knew. Nothing short of armed combat would stop him from taking the beautiful woman standing before him.
Damn the consequences. They’d deal with those in the morning.
For now, the night was theirs, and the American Beauty he held in his arms was determined to be his.
Who was he to deny her?


Happy Reading everybody!

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