Saturday, April 30, 2011

Queen of Environmental Club

Rosy thought her biggest problem was finding a way to stand out from the crowd. Then she joined Environmental Club. Suddenly she had lots of new problems. Cute fairy dudes showing up everywhere…sick babies…murderous litter…and a secret place beneath the park, where she learned two things: one, her dad looks pretty good in a tunic, and two, life as a fairy can be a dangerous business!
Rosalee Tatiana is your typical high school junior…medium height, medium intelligence, and moderately popular. Nothing special and not a complete outcast. Just…typical.
That’s what she thinks anyway.
Rosalee has been striving to stand out, emerge from the masses, and find her day in the sun since her freshman year in high school. In search of this goal, she tried math club, leaving in disgrace on the tails of a bad case of number envy. Then she tried being the manager for the football team, but soon discovered she was averse to sweaty, stinky socks and towels. So, in desperation, she started a fashion club. Amazingly, her Farmer Dan overalls and tube top with rainbow hued high-tops didn’t quite catch on.
Who knew?
But all of that was behind her now. She had finally found a way to join the cool kids. She'd hit the mother lode of popularity.
She'd joined Environmental Club.
Unfortunately for Rosy, her involvement with EC has brought a new kind of challenge into her life. Rival factions of Earth fairies have taken her under their wing…so to speak…and some of them aren’t too keen on her continuing to breathe. And the good ones…the ones who aren’t trying to kill her…oh yeah, they just want to make her their Queen.
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