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Guardian - Book 1 in my new series - The Monad Chronicles

Book 1 of the Monad Chronicles

Nuria, Warrior Monad Third Level is a protector of the magical realm. She occasionally works with guardian angels when the human realm is in danger. When Nuria is called to help a guardian save a human woman from a demon, she isn’t prepared for the woman to turn on them and send the guardian to the Elysian Fields for all eternity. Now Nuria’s on the hot seat with the gods of Olympus, and to earn her way out of trouble she’s been given a task.

It appears there may be a plot to take over Olympus, and the gods suspect a human named Ian Lavelle is at the heart of it. So they send Nuria to Earth to find, question, and destroy the sexy and elusive Ian. There’s only one problem... Ian Lavelle is much more than he seems. And there’s a very good chance he may just be too hot for Nuria to handle!


"Sam Cheever sucked me in with the opening page in Guardian, the first book in the Monad Chronicles. Spirit Warriors, Elfaery and Guardian Angels battling against evil. Throw in humor and heat...what's not to love!"
~Award winning author LIZZIE T. LEAF


“We need to get rid of the binding charm you’ve placed on me.”

My gaze jerked to his. I shook my head. “Not happenin’, Elfaery.”

His eyes narrowed. “Very funny.”

I grinned at him. “It’s better than half breed isn’t it?”

He just shook his head. “If you don’t remove the bind Aubrie will use it against me.”

I sipped the amber liquid. It was very sweet, with a small tang. I licked my lips. “Mmm, what is this?”

Ian looked at his glass and set it down. “Ambrosia.”

I took another sip. “I like.”

“Take it easy on that stuff. It tastes like nectar but it’s extremely potent.”

I took another sip. “I can handle it.”

Ian’s brown eyes took on a speculative glint but he didn’t respond. He walked over and sat down beside me on the divan. “You do know how to remove the bind don’t you?”

I blinked. “Huh?” I took another sip. “Mmm. Dat’s good.”

Ian grabbed my hand before I could slug back another mouthful of the ambrosia. “The bind you put on me…we need to remove it. The sooner the better now that Aubrie knows about it. You can remove it right?”

I grinned at him. He was very pretty. “Of course not.”


“You’re pretty.”

His gaze jerked up and he grinned. “That didn’t take long.”

I blinked. “What didn’t?” He was damned pretty. Suddenly I wanted a little taste. My gaze focused on his lips. They were full, and looked very soft. Maybe just one little nibble. I leaned closer, my eyes fixed on his mouth. I lost my balance and fell forward, catching myself with a hand on his leg before I landed face first in his crotch.

Ian gasped. “I’d prefer you not use that particular part of my body as a crutch.”

I looked down and blinked. My hand was cupping the pretty bulge at the juncture of his muscular thighs. “Oops!”

I started giggling.

But I didn’t remove the hand.

Finally Ian pulled my hand away from his family treasury. “I told you to go slow with that stuff.”

“I am going slow. I only wanted a taste.”

He frowned at me. “Maybe we should put you to bed for a while.”

I purred, waggling my eyebrows at him. “Oh yeah. Let’s go to bed. I want a taste.”

He shook his head and stood, pulling the glass out of my hand.

I held on so hard he nearly had to break the glass to pry it out of my fingers.

He set the pretty crystal, which was nearly empty, on the floor and, before I knew what he was planning, scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder.

“Whee!!!” I screamed, laughing. “A shoulder ride.” My head bounced as Ian carried me away. I didn’t know where I was going and didn’t really care. Those firm round things under my nose were pretty too. I wondered how they’d feel.

I reached down and cupped them, one in each hand. “Nice buns.”

The buns twitched as if they were trying to shrug off my hands. “Hey, take it easy on the buns.”

I started rubbing them with the palms of my hands in a circular motion. “Sissy girl. I just wanted a touch.”

Suddenly the shoulder holding me dipped and I was flying backwards. When I hit the bed I sank into it a good five inches. I laughed happily, clapping my hands. “Soft. Like a cloud. I half sat up, narrowing my eyes at Ian so that he’d stop wavering. He was a very wavery sort of guy. “You ever been in a cloud, Elfaery?”

He shook his head. “No, drunkin’ spirit. I’ve never been in a cloud.”

I flopped backward again, nestling myself more deeply into the bed. “Ver…purty. Clouds.”

“Mmm hmm. Let’s get you turned around now so I can cover you…”

I reached up and grabbed his shoulders, yanking him down on top of me. He landed on my stomach with a grunt. “You’re a cloud. Purty man.”

Ian’s face was inches from mine. His lips turned up at the ends. “I’m no damn cloud, drunkin’ spirit.”

I wrapped my legs around his butt and lifted my hips, grinding myself into him. “No, you have hard parts.” I giggled at this.

Ian moaned. “And you have very soft parts, Monad. If you know what’s good for you you’ll stop that right now.”

I opened my eyes wide. “Right now? What if I don’t?”

“I’ll do this…” he growled out before lowering his lips to mine.


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