Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm excited to announce that 'Tween Heaven and Hell is a finalist for the 2007 Dream Realm Awards! Yay! Cross all your digits for me! Final judging is going on now.

"With action on every page and enough sexual tension to ignite the pages, ‘Tween Heaven and Hell will catapult Sam Cheever to the top of your must buy list."

Astra Q Phelps is a Tweener, which means she’s part angel and part devil. She vaporizes devils and demons for a living. When Astra gets the call from the big Him to aid the good side in a battle between two rival devil courts, she finds herself battling not only the forces of evil, but her own nature, as she rubs up against the sexiest, most infuriatingly enticing devil prince, and discovers he brings out her devil in the most delicious ways.

But Astra’s problems don’t end with a worrying jolt to her sexual nervous system, she is also discovering that she doesn’t really know herself all that well as she begins to uncover magic powers that she didn’t know she possessed. She’s also learning that she might be entangled in a prophesy which links her to her delicious devil prince in more ways than one. Add to this spicy mix a few yummy secrets she learns about her long time partner and friend, Emo, and you have a tantalizing stew of problems to solve, and only one small Tweener to unravel them all.

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