Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ode to Mothers - I never said I was a GOOD poet!

Ode to mothers that you might be,
Happy as a frog in pee,
On this your very special day,
When all the kids go out to play,
And nary of the tasks that call,
Will bother you this day at all.

Ode to mothers that you may,
Be left alone to plan your day,
And wonder aimlessly should that be right,
To let your thoughts and dreams take flight,
And nary of the obligations call,
To interfere at all at all.

Ode to mothers that you could,
Forget the things you know you should,
But really just would rather not,
Like cleaning house and wiping snot,
So don't you think of chores at all,
Let dad, for once, perform them all.

Ode to mothers one and all,
That we might spend a time so small,
Just doing what we want to do,
And letting all else sit and stew,
So we will make the most of it,
And take the time to sit, sit, sit.

Enjoy your day Ladies!

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