Thursday, July 5, 2007

Review of 'Tween

EM Sky of, a speculative fiction website, has
given 'Tween Heaven and Hell a great review in her July online
newsletter. Excerpt below:

Sam Cheever's 'Tween Heaven and Hell is a wild and fun read, easily
spanning the entire speculative fiction gamut, from science fiction to
fantasy to a little light horror, with plenty of good laughs and some
sex thrown in to boot. Think of it as an amusement park ride through
the realms of darkness.

Read the whole review at:


Melissa Lopez said...

Big congrats!

D-Impkatt said...

Tried to answer you but email keeps bouncing. Have another?

Sam Cheever said...

d-impkatt, sorry you haven't been able to reach me. I just had my husband do a test and I got the email. That's strange. You sent it to You could always click the Q again! #:0)

Sorry I don't know what else to try.