Thursday, January 3, 2013

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Book 3: Hoale Construction Mysteries
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Returning to Normal - Whatever that is!

Every year I lament the seemingly endless break between Christmas and New Years. Everything seems to stop from a few days before Christmas until a few days after the new year. It's impossible to get anything done and I'm forced, kicking and screaming, from my comfortable, productive rut into the wild and woolly landscape of special celebrations and human interaction. Gasp!

Everything slows down during this time of year. Business grinds forward like sludge over icy metal -- painfully, reluctantly. Those who are on vacation are worthless to me, those who are left behind are cranky and resentful. And those of us who really want to get something done are considered addled.  LOL

So what do I do to keep myself moving forward? Sometimes nothing. A little break from work is actually a good thing, though I have to force myself to take it (or events force me against my will). Which means the day DH and I took removing all the Christmas decorations was actually (probably) good for me. And the day I spent cleaning the house afterward was also (possibly) good for me...though it certainly didn't feel like it at the time! Bleurgh!

But most importantly, I try not to beat myself up. Though my work production suffers -- I might write a third of what I would normally write -- I focus just on moving forward. On quality versus quantity. And, like the tortoise, I eventually get there. Somehow, slowly at first, and then with an audible click, I slide back into that fanny-fitting rut and become productive again. Life returns to normal.

Hmmm, after all those Christmas cookies, I just hope my rut still fits!

Happy reading everybody!

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