Sunday, December 30, 2012

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Nuria, Warrior Monad Third Level is a protector of the magical realm. She occasionally works with guardian angels when the human realm is in danger. When Nuria is called to help a guardian save a human woman from a demon, she isn’t prepared for the woman to turn on them and send the guardian to the Elysian Fields for all eternity. Now Nuria’s on the hot seat with the gods of Olympus, and to earn her way out of trouble she’s been given a task.

It appears there may be a plot to take over Olympus, and the gods suspect a human named Ian Lavelle is at the heart of it. So they send Nuria to Earth to find, question, and destroy the sexy and elusive Ian. There’s only one problem... Ian Lavelle is much more than he seems. And there’s a very good chance he may just be too hot for Nuria to handle!


"I've enjoyed this author's "Dancin' With The Devil" series enormously, and again SC has created a thrilling fantasy adventure featuring a tough leading lady who lives an extremely exciting life." 
~Book Addict Amazon UK Top 500 Reviewer


I am Nuria, Warrior Monad Third Level.

I am a spirit warrior, working for the gods of Olympus to protect their magical subjects around the universe. Sometimes I work with Guardian Angels to help them protect the fragile human race from those in the magical realm who would harm them.

It was on one of these assignments that my life changed so drastically.

Rarely do Guardians get extinguished. Rarely are they fooled by the humans they’ve been assigned to protect. But on this occasion, both rare instances occurred.

Of course, as the last woman standing in the event, I had to go before the Council of Gods and defend my actions.

Luckily for me the gods were slightly distracted while I was there, and ultimately they gave me an assignment I couldn’t refuse rather than sending me to the laundry room to wash orgy sheets for six months as punishment.

Unfortunately the assignment they gave me was almost worse than orgy sheets. And, although I met a man who may or may not have been the leader in a plot to take over Olympus and the entire magical and non-magical realms, I couldn’t fulfill my mission.

There was no way I could do what the gods asked me to do.

The woman in me responded just a little too well to the man in him to fulfill my orders and erase his existence from the Earth.

Still, there was a guardian being admitted prematurely to the Elysian fields. And a plot for power was definitely afoot. So I had to do something.

I just hoped that whatever I did it would be enough.

And, oh, did I mention that my archrival was also assigned to this task? She was supposed to keep an eye on me and tattle back to the gods if I screwed up.

Yeah. This was not going to be one of my better assignments.

Or was it…?

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