Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sam's Sunday Snippet

Sick of heroes and on the run from angry gods, Bellona Fara, a Valkyrie, travels the country, running from her past and looking for a bad boy to love. At a paranormal bar in Santa Terra, California, a vampire bartender introduces her to fallen angel, Rael, who’s trying to atone for a single mistake that haunts his days and nights with regret. When an earthquake shakes the very foundations of life in Santa Terra, their growing feelings for each other will be sorely tested, as they try to fight their basic natures while dealing with things beyond their control.

Love Romances and More " entertaining and exciting story that will keep you scrolling and reading until the last word. The sexual tension is high and the love scenes might just melt your monitor so have a fan nearby.


Bellona stared down the blade of her sword, her entire focus on the task at hand. Sweat rolled down her back, between her shoulder blades, and darkened the neckline of her tight, belly baring cami. She slashed sideways, spinning on one foot and completing the swing of her sword with a sharp upward cut that she envisioned would open her opponent’s gut. With a quick flick of her wrist, she changed direction to slice across her invisible opponent’s throat.

Bellona held the sword aloft, her eyes narrowing on the brisk flutter of butterfly wings ten feet away. The beautiful insects had been resting happily on the flower filled bush while she trained, their movements restricted to a gentle fluttering of their wings. So when they suddenly burst into the air and flew in agitated circles around the bush, she noticed.

Bellona swung around in a flash and stopped, the point of her deadly weapon settling perfectly into the tender skin of the intruder’s throat.

“Hey, Bella.”

Bellona frowned. “Why are you here, Kari?”

The woman was smaller than Bellona, tiny really, with shoulder length black hair and wide, olive colored eyes. She stood in a warrior’s stance, legs spread, arms held out slightly from her sides, a long, deadly sharp knife held loosely in each tiny fist. Despite the fact they were coven sisters, she hadn’t taken her visit to Bellona lightly.

No valkyrie worth her salt would take Bellona lightly.

Kari smiled, showing small, white teeth with slightly elongated canines. “Let’s not waste time on unnecessary conversation, Bella. You know why I’m here. I just stopped by to warn you I was here, as a matter of courtesy.”

Bellona pressed her sword lightly, drawing a bright bead of blood from her coven sister’s throat. Kari didn’t even flinch. A soft smile still played around her lips. “This is my territory, Kari. You have no business here.”

Your territory? We weren’t aware you were still on the job.”

Bellona shrugged, non-committal. “I’m here, knee deep in heroes, what part of that don’t you understand, sister?”

“You don’t appear to be taking your job seriously, sister.” Kari’s hostile inflection on the intimate title showed her anger more than anything in her expression or stance. “As you play with your weapon, dozens of heroes could be taking their last breaths, and nobody’s there to guide them to Valhalla.”

Bellona snorted. “Am I to believe you only take them as they die? If that were true my stomach wouldn’t have been a giant knot for decades now. Odin’s eagerness to protect the gods has made him greedy. Humanity deserves to keep at least some of its heroes.”

Kari flipped a small hand dismissively. “The humans are mere cattle, to be harvested as the gods see fit. They deserve nothing.”

Bellona took a step closer, blood ran in a ribbon down the other valkyrie’s pale throat. She leaned close, biting off each word angrily. “And yet the gods lust for their powers, hide behind them to gain safety, indeed, trade their massive hearts for a chance at immortal life. It’s disgusting, Kari.”

Kari’s eyes softened with regret for the first time. It passed briefly. She’d been hardened by the gods’ frantic need, brain washed. She would never see what Bellona couldn’t help seeing as she walked among the humans.

Bellona finally dropped her sword and stepped away in disgust. “Go Kari, leave this town to me. Odin will have to look for his heroes elsewhere.”

Kari’s eyes widened. “You are taking these people under your protection?”

Panic swept through her at the thought. If she did she’d be declaring war on the gods, and her sisters in the coven as well. It was exactly what she’d wanted to avoid. It was the reason she’d stayed on the move, keeping her heart closed off to avoid the passion she knew would be her downfall.

But something had changed. Something inside her had blossomed, opening her to the possibilities of doing what she deemed right. Despite the massive and deadly consequences. Bellona suddenly knew she didn’t want to run any more.

She had found her Ragnarök. She was going to take a stand.

“Yes, Kari. The people of Santa Terra are under my protection. Any sister who comes here intending to harm or carry off any of the town’s heroes will have to go through me to do it.”

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