Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday's Twisted Links

Another week has passed and I have another linking episode staring me in the face. Gawd! Why do I do this to myself. Okay, here we go. Three things right off the top of my head....

Diamonds.      Life.     Love.

It's absolutely true, aside from her dog and hopefully her significant other, diamonds are a girl's best friend. And, diamonds are shiny and sparkly for those of us who have some raccoon in our gene pool. #:0) If you like diamonds, having one makes your life better. Receiving a diamond from someone you love is like proof that they value you enough to want to make you smile, despite the cost of that smile. So, at least to some of us, diamonds enhance our lives and show love.

That's the obvious link here. But I'd like to take it one level deeper. I think these three things are linked at another level. And that is...

They all have real worth. And embracing them will keep us sane during challenging times. 

Aside from their beauty, diamonds have real value. Unlike paper currency, they can't be devalued or manipulated by governments or individuals. They are limited and precious, which is why people use them to show love. 

Love is an emotion. It's true. But that doesn't make it any less real. We can't manufacture real love just because we want to. It has to be built on real experiences, formed from real discovery and genuine reasoning. Real love can last over a lifetime, changing and growing as we mature. It's a currency no less valuable than gold or diamonds. 

Life. Nothing is more real than life. Life isn't tied to creativity or faith, though our minds can determine how well we live. It's there whether we believe in it or not. The fascinating thing about life is that, even when it ends, physically, it still goes on. Our dead live on in our memories, in the things they accomplished and said and thought. Their lives extend beyond time, limited only by our memories and knowledge. 

In the current turbulent times, it's important to focus on real things. It's easy to get bogged down in the emotions and challenges around us, but when those all wash away, what you have left is the most important. Life is to be treasured, Love is the most important thing we have, and diamonds, well, survival may well come down to owning real wealth like diamonds, gold, and silver. It is the currency of the future, as economies struggle and fall. 

So hold your loved ones close. Embrace life. And base your future on real currencies. And you will not only survive the challenges ahead, but you'll most likely even thrive. 

Happy Reading!

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