Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sam's Snippet Sunday

I'm very excited about this fun spoof on The Biggest Loser reality show! I hope you enjoy this little taste and will check the book out on Thursday when it releases!


Personal trainer for the ever popular, Lose it! reality show, Jillie Maxwell is up for the most important award of her career. And she’s competing against the biggest b-eye-itch she’s ever met. Fortunately for her, she has the sexiest man alive in her corner. Problem is, each and every one of them has a dirty little secret that could tank a career.

For the contestants, the race is on to lose the most weight and win everything. For the staff of the popular weight loss show, the clock is ticking to the culmination of their lies and the possibility of losing it all.

Will the Biggest Poser win? Or will the lies just grow and grow until they sink the whole show? Only one thing is certain. Whatever happens, it’s gonna be an entertaining ride!

 “Those look delicious.”

Brandt glanced up, smiling. “They are. I’ve spent a lot of time working up recipes for desserts that taste fattening but aren’t. For most people giving up desserts is the hardest part of dieting. I’m trying to make it just a little bit easier.”

Jillie nodded, eyeing the palm-sized delicacies with frosting trickled over them. “It certainly is for me. I love sweets.”

Brandt dug a coin from the bottom of the last pastry and then stopped, a devilish look making his eyes shine. The muscle in his forearm flexed and the pastry split into two pieces in his big hand. “Oops. I broke it. I guess we might as well eat this one.”

Jillie’s gaze slipped upward, finding his. She captured her velvety bottom lip between even, white teeth, her eyes sparkling. “I shouldn’t.”

He nodded. “You really should. You’re gonna need all the energy you can muster to get through the next few months with the evil Deva.”

Jillie laughed, shaking her head. “She is a handful.”

“Attila the Hun was a handful. This woman’s a demon. She trails brimstone fumes in her wake.”

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