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Lizzie T Leaf's Magical Love Series launches at Passion in Print!

Beyond Magic is a wonderful beginning to an exciting new series by award winning author, Lizzie T Leaf. The series launched in ebook this week at Passion in Print and will be available in print format at this year's Romantic Times Convention. Lizzie will be signing copies there for lucky readers. Don't wait another minute peeps, get your hands on this book!

Here's a little taste:

Following the Powers directive to unite soul mates, a Scottish Cailleach's magic will have repercussions in several realms.

Mixed-blood Ian McCabe, grandson of Fae and gods tries to deny his powers.When he discovers mortal, Emma Grant unconscious at the bottom of the steps to his castle, his world starts to change.

Tour director Emma Grant's bus breaks down and her effort to find help results in a fall that knocks her unconscious.She awakens to find the man of her dreams staring into her eyes.

But will his secrets and her distrust of men tear them apart?



"Powers that be,

I ask of thee,

Show me the good,

Show me the bad,

Show me the ones,

I am to make glad."

Hands, gnarled and wrinkled, old as time itself, waved back and forth over the crystal ball. Fog obscured what moments earlier had been clear glass. As the mist dissipated, the blurred image of a man appeared.

The Cailleach gasped and her eyes widened with surprise. "Nae, it canna be."

The face came into focus and she had no doubt about one of the lovers. She knew of no one else on any realm with hair that shade of gold, streaked with fire.

He ran a hand through the top of his unruly mop. Eyes, blue as the sapphire DooNell wore around her neck, stared directly at her for a moment, before turning to the computer screen on his desk.

Still unsure of what to make of the vision, the old hag started another chant and waved her hands across the glass orb once more.

"Powers that be,

Show more to me,

Show me the one fair,

Who needs to be there."

Once again, the fog in the ball swirled, then lifted. The hag stared at the face of a female. Not the young girl she expected, but a woman seasoned by life. The Cailleach watched as the female swept a heavy mane of rich auburn hair from her neck, and stared as if she viewed the hag. A puzzled frown puckered her brow, and her sherry colored eyes darkened. The crone's heart beat a rapid tattoo until she remembered she could not be seen by the mortal.

A woman's voice called from another room, "Emma, where are you?"

"In here, Cori. How was your day?" The one DooNell now knew to be Emma pulled a piece of chocolate out of the bag by her hand and popped it in her mouth before she turned toward the door behind her. "Sure hope it was better than mine."

Through no request from the old crone, the crystal ball clouded over and the image and voices were gone. The mist cleared again and two faces, side by side, now stared from the glass, each pair of eyes reflecting their longing for something unseen.

"So be it." The Cailleach bowed her head in surrender to what the Powers required. She pulled in a deep breath before summoning the energy she needed for the task ahead.

Eyes opened wide, arms outstretched, she set the magic in motion to bring two beings together.

"Winds of the earth,

Currents of the sea,

Let these two,

Find the love,

They need to be."

Slumping back in her chair, the Cailleach sighed. She had done her part to set their discovery of love for each other into play. Now it was up to the universe to carry it forth.

Far harder would be explaining to Oberon why she had interfered in the life of his only grandchild. Neither the Faerie King, nor the entities involved from the other realms, would be happy with her over this potential new love she'd just set into motion.

"Ah, DooNell, lass. May be it, you be getting too old for this business of magical love?"

She sighed and forced her weary bones from the chair. There was much to do if the will of the Powers could succeed, and she had been given the task to make sure it did. Too many worlds were involved to leave the uniting of Emma and Ian to chance.


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