Sunday, April 6, 2008

Go GREEN! Buy an eBook!

Okay, I'm easily annoyed. I know that, but sometimes I sit back and watch people jump on the bandwagon for this thing or that thing and I think about all those psychology classes I took in college (loved those classes!) and I remember terms like "group think" and "Pavlovian response" and I shake my head. I guess I've always been one of those people who automatically pushes back at something that everyone else jumps on. Contrary? Not me! #:0)

The current bandwagon is the GREEN movement. I'm having trouble with the concept that, starting about the time Al Gore put out his factually challenged movie about global warming we all decided the Earth as we know it is worth saving. I don't know about you but I knew that already. I didn't need somebody else to tell me I wanted to keep the environment clean and healthy. I wash out and reuse my ziplocks for god sakes! It all seemed a lot of flash and no substance to me. A lot of...look at me I changed out my lightbulbs...aren't I wonderful!

But I'm nothing if not flexible and when something hits me between the eyes I generally reach up, rub the spot it left, and examine my choices. And it occurred to me recently that the current and growing inclination toward ebooks and audiobooks versus paper books is about as green as you can get. No paper used, no waste left behind when the book is no longer needed or wanted (sigh) and no trees sacrificed to our reading entertainment. Win, win, win for all involved!

So do your part for the environment (see, I can be flexible *;0) adopt an eBook or five today, right now! And be sure to read them all. Remember, there are people starving for ebooks in China.



Hot Ash Romance Novels said...

Speaking of people starving for ebooks in China, I know a reader in Vietnam who HAS to get her erotica via email. Censorship forbids book stores to sell it.

Chalk up another one for ebooks!


Anita Birt said...

Hurrah for your blog. I'm going to write about saving the environment by reading e-books but you beat me to it. However, I will also do my bit. If we keep pushing and pushing we might push Al Gore into supporting us. I'm not an American and I dislike that man. He's making millions and millions on his crusade and flying by polluting aircraft to take him hither and yon. Oops, sorry about the rant. Loved the blog.

Shelley Munro said...

Speaking of China, the country is dominating our news because we're signing a Free Trade agreement with them at the moment. It's the first they've ever signed, and it's with little New Zealand. I actually commented to my husband that I wished they purchased ebooks while we watched the news coverage last night.

I know I buy more ebooks these days. Not only is it saving the environment, they're heaps cheaper. Books are expensive in NZ because of the freight costs.