Thursday, March 29, 2012

This Ain't no Archie and Veronica!

I freely admit I'm not a Manga aficionado. But after an RT conference a while back, wherein several panels talked excitedly about Manga and graphic novels, I was curious. So the next time I was in a brick and mortar bookstore I wandered over to the Manga section and randomly picked up the one with the most interesting cover.

I opened the page, expecting comic-book-like content. And was confronted by a three inch high erect penis and naked boobs.


I slammed it shut. LOL, and walked away, my poor brain trying to make the necessary adjustments to understand a world where Archie and Veronica shared the same creative space with Yaoi Graphic Novels, which have sexy adult themes.

I guess it's no different than a sweet romance versus an erotic one. But when I used to buy comic books it was with the expectation that I would plow through a few dozen colorful pages filled with fun and recognizable characters who navigated such world changing events as, "Do I go to the prom with the 'down to earth' girl who's sweet, or the rich girl who's exciting?" The raciest thing between those colorful pages was a smooch on the lips, accompanied by a giant smooch in a balloon. #:0)

I'm not sure a person who grew up with regular comic books can ever completely grasp the beauty of today's graphic novels, but I'm glad the option is out there, in case my brain ever acclimates to the change! I'd love to see Astra Q Phelps in a graphic novel some day. I think she'd be a natural!

Happy reading, everybody!


Savannah Chase said...

Oh yes I have seen people read it and was like wow...It has changed so much from what it use to be..

Sam Cheever said...

I had to laugh at myself. I'm no prude but I wasn't prepared when I opened that book. I guess I need to get out more. LOL