Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paranormal Romance Fiction

Why is Paranormal Romance fiction so popular? Though its imminent death has been proclaimed on a continual basis over the last several years (mostly by purveyors of other types of literature), paranormal romance fiction is still going strong. The current crop may lean more toward light paranormal than the yummy, dark, steaminess of the recent past, but millions of paranormal fans are showing no inclination to give it up any time soon. Because, let's face it, paranormal is pure, unadulterated fun! What better way to escape from real world woes—something we could all use a little more of in these challenging times—than immersing yourself in a world that is wholly fantastical, where nothing is impossible and, although the characters’ problems might be much bigger than ours, they always find some magical and interesting way to deal with them. It’s pure fun without guilt to watch the hero and heroine deal with saving the world and beating back evil while trying to conquer their own self-doubts and personal challenges in the midst of it all.

Especially in the current climate, where escapism is more than fun…it’s almost an imperative…readers need to feel as if something larger than life can be controlled. We need to believe that, though the odds seem stacked against us, good and justice will eventually win out over evil. In fantasy fiction, problems can often be solved with a flip of a magic-infused hand, or the blink of a power saturated gaze. Bad guys can be obliterated without a crisis of conscience...good guys almost always beat back evil...and cultural gray areas only make for more interest in the reading. When you add in a sexy, darkly brooding or breathtakingly competent hero, and a heroine we can all identify with, it’s enough to make a romance reader swoon with delight!

Let's face it, good versus evil carries an age-old fascination for mankind. The pages of our history only come alive when a classic story bends along the lines of this type of battle...and good wins out over all. So it's no surprise our reading fare trends in this direction. Nothing brings good versus evil to life like a good paranormal. The idea of magic isn’t new to our time in history, but our treatment of it in the pages of popular fiction is unique. And whatever happens to our sexy, brooding vampires and muscular, sensuous, werewolves, I know one thing…they’ve more than earned their place in history, and they’ll be around for a long, long time!

Happy Reading!

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