Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saying Goodbye

My dad died just before Christmas. It's weird to think he's gone. We weren't very close, but his imprint is in my DNA and stamped on my soul. I wish the best for him in the next place. I know he had expectations for how it would be when he died...I suppose we all do...but he was pretty adamant about what he expected. #:0) He made his impression in this world...I have no doubt he'll make it in the next one.

In my 'Tween fantasy series, I created a place outside the Pearly Gates where people wait and work to gain entrance. This is where most of us go...those who aren't fast tracked either directly thru the gates or down south, to much hotter climes. I'm picturing him there, dressed all in white, bargaining for the better real estate... with a view of the clouds. That's where I'll be I'm sure, but it's a hopeful place, which is why the spirits there are called Hopefuls.

I'm okay with him being there. I know he'll work his way thru those gates...eventually. #:0)

Bye Dad, I love you.



Unknown said...

Hugs Sam and I wish you a wonderful 2009.

I lost my dad in Oct 2007. That Christmas was pretty hard. I always anticipated making the phone call to set-up our Christmas get together, but that didn't happen.

Now we just have the memories.

Take care,


Unknown said...

HUGS Sam! Sorry to read about your loss. He sounds like a real character!
You may not have him with you but you always have your love for him and memories that keep you connected.